The Unofficial World Championship of Ocean Racing


The Admiral's Cup occupies a unique place in yacht racing. It began as an effort to encourage foreign entries to Cowes Week, a largely domestic regatta, and progressed rapidly to be regarded as the world championship of ocean racing.

It is not an individual's even with the associated glory of winning resting on the shoulders of one sailor, but rather the opposite with the prize going to a national team of three boats at the end of a varied five race series. But that does not stop considerable effort and dedication by individuals to achieve success in this series.

Where the Admiral's Cup stands supreme is in the demand of consistency in order to win. One bad performance by any single boat in any of the races can ruin a whole team's chances, and this has happened. Those who take part are all aware of this but the drive to succeed can have a detrimental effect in yacht racing which results in an otherwise illogical decision due to stress.

The consequence has been to produce a racing series which has the highest standards of organisation and competition to be found anywhere.

From "The Admiral's Cup" by Bob Fisher, Pelham Books, 1985. ISBN 0-7207-1368-4